5 Best Vitamins for Hangover

There have been times in our lives where we very totally sloshed and had the best night of our life. But it’s fun and games only till the night and in the morning the hangover hits you like a wrecking ball. Liquor is a diuretic which means once you drink, a lot of minerals and vitamins are lost. The vitamins lost in excess are vitamin C and vitamin B. The solution to this is taking a hangover vitamin pack or consuming vitamins on a daily basis so that whenever you drink you do not lose them and do not face a bad hangover after a day of heavy drinking. Not only will it prevent hangovers, but taking them every day will improve your overall well being. Following are the 5 best vitamins for hangover:

#1. ZINC

Zinc can be found in all the cells of our body. The main work of zinc in our body is to fight foreign bodies such as bad viruses and bacteria. Zinc is also one of the components that make up the DNA and proteins at cellular levels. It can be found in a lot of food and is available as a supplement. Now when it comes to hangovers zinc is quite essential to be present in your body as it converts ethanol into acetaldehyde. This is important because the higher the levels of zinc in your body the faster alcohol is metabolized.

If you want to include zinc in your meals so that your overall health improves and also your resistance to having a hangover also improves you should include zinc-rich foods. For example eggs, whole grains, nuts, dairy, seeds, legumes, shellfish and meat. If you think that you don’t know how to add them to the meal you can take supplements that are available in medical shops. But before doing that consult a doctor.


Sometimes it happens that you go to a party at night and then feel sick for quite a few days. We recommend supplementing vitamin D regularly or on an everyday basis so that you do not face such a problem. Consuming vitamin D every day is a very healthy habit. Having Vitamin D in your body is very essential as alcohol is a type of poison and when you consume it, it tends to weaken your immune system. If your body has a high level of Vitamin D then your immune system won’t get weakened to a great extent and you won’t be sick after a night of drinking. Sunlight is the best form of Vitamin D and it is suggested to sit in the sun for at least 10 mins in the morning so that your body can soak up the vitamin. The vitamin won’t directly fight your hangover but will help you get rid of the sick feeling so that you can wake up better.


You may think as to how Vitamin B can help you in easing your hangovers. Well, there have been studies that made people drink alcohol once while consuming vitamin B and once without consuming vitamin B. The result was very clear. The supplements that were given to the people specifically contained vitamin b-6 and vitamin b-1. The participants of the study said that there was at least an 88% reduction in the symptoms of hangovers. The vitamin is obviously not going to cure the hangover as a whole as it can not deal with problems relating to your metabolism or dehydration. But when you overdrink, the requirement of vitamin B in your body goes up to a great extent.

As we know that Vitamin B is water-soluble hence it is flushed out from our body. When you are low on vitamin B your hangovers can grow more and more severe. The larger the amount of alcohol you consume the worse the situation gets. Hence you should consume foods rich in Vitamin B or take supplements every day.


Vitamin C is known to help the immune system to function better. It also helps keep the free radicals in check as it is a very effective antioxidant, helps reduce inflammation and also helps in absorbing collagen. It does not particularly help with the hangover problem entirely but if the vitamin is present in good amounts in your body the hangover will be easy. Some studies have shown that it also helps in reducing liver inflammation caused due to drinking but more studies have to be done to get more assured.

The borderline is that you should consume the vitamin on a daily basis so that you do not lack it when you drink heavily. Even if it does not directly have an effect on your hangover it will surely make things easier for you. Rich sources of vitamin C are peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, mango, Brussel sprouts, kiwi and pineapple. If you do not wish to consume these then you can always go for the supplements that are available in the market.


Vitamin E is known for being an antioxidant. The main function of the vitamin is to get rid of the free oxygen radicals or better known as reactive oxygen species from your body. The deficiency of this vitamin while drinking is quite harmful as there is nothing to neutralize the free radicals. Drinking alcohol increases the number of free radicals in your body and they have a negative impact on the cells of your body. At this time the presence of Vitamin E is very essential. For a high level of vitamin E in your body, consume food rich in it or have supplements, but include it in your daily routine.


Who doesn’t like a night where you can drink as much as you want and enjoy to the fullest? But what everyone does not want is the painful and irritating hangover that comes after that night. Now you know what vitamins to consume to avoid hangover situations. Consume them daily and enjoy your drinking nights and wake up with good memories and not a hangover.

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